Bounce is a contemporary rocking chair. A bit of nostalgia that makes it deserve a renaissance. In order to modernise the rocking chair I wanted to move away from the traditional rockers and give it a softer and simpler look. The idea of replacing the rockers with rubber bands to create that rocking movement began to emerge. The rubber band gives the chair an exhilarating  look and makes it into a modern and up to date rocking chair, the rubber band is primarily the reason why Bounce stand out. The rubber band holds the chair together, it is an exciting and colorful detail, it spares the floor and it gives the chair its rocking movement. It also gives the chair a soft and even movement that makes it comfortable.


I wanted to design a rocking chair that looked slim and elegant. A steel framework gives it a modern expression. Steele is recoverable and environmentally friendly and it is easy to sculpt into the desired shape. It also hardens, which makes it a solid piece of furniture.


The backrest and seat is made of woven strings of linen. Linen is durable and has a nice structure to it and it is natural and locally produced. The woven strings makes the Bounce chair comfortable without adding too much padding thus keeping its modern touch. The linen with its naturalness makes a great contrast to the rubber bands and the steel framework.


I wanted the shape of the chair to be welcoming and make people want to sit down and relax. The Bounce design is based on squares and circles which gives it a geometrical shape and all design lines are either vertical or horizontal, except for the backrest. This gives the chair a tight look. Le Corbusier with his golden ratio has been an inspiration for this design. Bounce has been constructed after the principles of the golden ratio that is pleasing to the eye, and with no predefined front or backside, it looks exciting from all angles. Bounce should not be stowed away, it deserves to be treated as the center of attention!

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